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KLARUS XT series endorsed by combat instructor

KLARUS’XT series with the main feature of “Non-visual Touch Operation”&“Straight 2 Strobe” have got a good

reputation from all of flashlight lovers.


Now,XT11,XT20 and XT1C from KLARUS have the honor to get the highly praise from a famous senior instructor

of Germany-Florian Lahner (, who has rich experience on anti-terrorism and self-defense.

He even takes XT11 everyday and also uses it as a common teaching tool.


Florian Lahner is also a certified Anti-*******sm Officer and provides anti-terrorism-related consultancy services

for governments,companies and critical infrastructure. Lahner was one of the first ATOs in Europe .

Florian Lahner bridges the gap between civilians and professionals in the law enforcement, military and security


His teaching ranges from defence classes for women and self-protection via street-based empty-hand skills for

security to extreme close quarter shooting and small team tactics for special operation groups.

He is one of the leading instructors in the tactical community when it comes to delivering knowledge and innovative

training. Hefocuses especially on combat ranges of under 5 metres, a distance that is very likely to be encountered

in today’s operations in combat zones as well as LEO missions.


His classes ”Edged Weapon Awareness for Law Enforcement Officers”, ”Tactical Knife“ and ”Extreme Close

Quarter Shooting“ in particular are currently receiving outstanding feedback from all over the world.


Florian Lahner provided two wonderful videos for how to use XT11 and XT20 as a tactical flashlight.

Detail as below:





More details for XT11:

* Dual button tail switches for quick, one-hand operation. No need to fiddle with

switches in two different places

* Easy to access Strobe function - instant access to strobe from any mode

* Forward tactical main switch with momentary activation

* Elegant stainless steel head pressure ring design protects the lens and

reflector system from drops and impacts

These features made XT11 quickly get a great favor as an excellent tactical flashlight from the customers all

of the world and also brought a new trend to tactical flashlight.




 Since 2011: