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Klarus New Product Suggestion Activity 2018

New Product Suggestions Activity for 2018

             Win Prizes: XT11GT, Mi1C
               Extra Prize: Mini One Ti 

Pls Send Your Suggestions to:, thanks.

Dear Flashaholics and Klarus Fans,

Thank you very much for your attention and support! We always enjoy your stories about your favorite Klarus flashlights. Klarus is always striving to innovate and improve, we appreciate your continued support.

To cutting-edge lights and inventive accessories, we sincerely invite you to participate in our New Product Suggestions Activity for 2018. Any questions or suggestions, whether on creating new products, or improving current products, or any other topic, please email them to If we select your ideas or advices, you will win a Klarus product as a prize, including  XT11S and Mi1C

For the Suggestions, they can include but are not limited to:
Lumens, beam distance, specific functions, switch type, operation mode, materials, charging style, standard batteries, approximate size and weight, color, the appearance style, package design, product applications scenarios, etc.

Even better, if your suggestions are sent before Jan. 31st, 2018, and are selected by Klarus, you will receive an extra Mini One Ti ! Join now!

Your participation will be highly appreciated,
Best regards!
Klarus Team


New Flashlight Original Designs Activity | Bonus: US$300.00-1500.00

Dear Flashaholics and Klarus Fans,

Have you ever dreamed being a flashlight master? Have you ever thought of flashlights designed by you being carried everyday by your friends, neighbors and people from all over the world?

Here comes an opportunity: 
Klarus is looking for New Product designs(Appearance designs with dimensions in .stp or .igs format) with incentives. Any original designs, whether in operation or appearance, will receive a bonus!