Quick draw design specially designed for security work;
Fast to make ready, fast to deploy, lightning quick reaction in danger, for all security and LEO needs;
360° adjustable angles, free both hands for work;
Match any belt width;
Compatible with smaller flashlights with a bezel expansion ring(included). 


• Compatible Lights: Bezel Dia. 34.9mm (1.37”) x Body Dia. 25.4mm (1.00”)
• Compatible with Bezel Expansion Ring: Bezel Dia. 25.6mm (1.01”) x Body Dia. 25.4mm(1.00”)
• Compatible Belt: Width of 25.4mm (1.00”)-63.5mm(2.50”), max belt thickness of 7mm (0.28”)
• Material: Nylon and glass fiber
• Holster Dimensions: (L) 93.5mm (3.68”) x (W) 50.6mm (1.99”) x (H) 62.9mm (2.48”)
• Weight: 96.8g (3.41oz)
• Accessory: Bezel Expansion Ring (included)
• Compatible Models: XT11/XT11GT/XT11S/XT12S/FX10/XT11UV, XT2CR (with Bezel Expansion Ring)