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KLARUS XT1C 2018 EDC Light Release


New Flashlight Release! KLARUS XT1C 2018 Release! 

KLARUS is always aiming for a higher and more exciting goal as our appreciation for all of your interest in the tactical compact flashlight KLARUS XT1C. Today, the upgraded XT1C 2018, boasting of an upgraded output of 1000 lumens that leaves the old industry standard in the dark, is released.

1. Compact Size, only 3.72” in length and 0.89” in bezel dia.;
2. Massive Power, 1000 lumens bursts forth from a single 16340 battery;
3. Tactical Tail Dual-Switch, One-Touch Access;
4. Tactical Setting + Outdoor Setting;
5. 16GT-70UR Micro-USB Rechargeable 16340 Battery Included.

Click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/2NcNT3f


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