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KLARUS XT11UV Release!



Do you need a tactical flashlight featuring UV?

Good news!!! The 1x18650 rechargeable compact dual spectrum LED tactical flashlight with UV is here! Featuring One Touch UV, One Touch white light, Max Output 900 Lumens, Extended Distance of 284 Meters, and Long Runtime of 260 Hours, the KLAURS XT11UV is released today! With 3 x 365nm UV Side Lamps, not just for tactical scenarios, but also for a wide array of applications. 
Watch the video to learn more or click here: http://bit.ly/2onlrxM

Main Features:
1. One Touch UV Light, One Touch White Light;
2. Dual Interfaces: UV-Ready Setting; Tactical Setting;
3. Independent triple-switch design, side switch and dual tail switch lockout function;
4. Rechargeable with Micro-USB charging port.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/2onlrxM

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