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Magnetic Gun Mount
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Quick removal & easy to install

• Magnet & silicone tape double lockout

• High quality silicone pad, shock reduction and anti-slip

• Mil-Spec HAIII anodizing aluminum alloy, strong and stable

 FM2 is compatible with flashlights of 23-27.5mm(0.91"-1.08") diameter by installing different silicone pads on the upper cap

• Remove the silicone pad for diameter 26-27.5mm(1.02"-1.08")
• Install 1.0mm (0.04") silicone pad for diameter 25-26mm(0.98"-1.02") (default)
• Install 2.0mm (0.08") silicone pad for diameter 24-25mm(0.94"-0.98")
• Install 3.0mm (0.12") silicone pad for diameter 23-24mm(0.91"-0.94") 

•Dimensions: 50mm(1.97") x 41.87mm(1.65") x 59.48mm(2.34")

• Magnetic Force: 10.25kgf

• Weight: 119g(4.20oz) (w/silicone tape)

• Material: Aluminum alloy, Mil-Spec HAIII anodizing

• Compatible Flashlights: φ23-27.5mm(0.91"–1.08")

• Included Accessories: 1 x silicone tape, 3 x silicone pads

  (each of thickness 1.0mm(0.04"), 2.0mm(0.08"), 3.0mm(0.12"))

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