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Visor Clip Motion-Sensing Lamp
Description: Your companion at night
Application: Night Fishing·Hiking·Jogging·Work·Climbing·Cycling
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 Intelligent lamp control with 180° adjustable illumination angle

 Visor clip lamp with motion sensor, 37g ultra-light design

 High-capacity Li-ion battery with over 27 hours of use per charge

 Micro-USB easy to use charging port

 Tough polymer resin shell

 Model:  HC3

Dimensions: 62mm(2.44”) × 50.5mm(1.99”) × 23.8mm(0.91”)

 Color Temp. : 4500K

 Max Output: 100LM

 Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

 Battery Capacity: 500mAh

 Waterproof: IPX5

 Weight: 37g (1.31oz)

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