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Pen Light, EDC
Description: 230LM
Pen Light, EDC
Application: Medical Use·Technical Use·Everyday Use· Outdoor Use
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• Nichia 219C LED, max output up to 230 lumens, max runtime up to 193 hours.

• High CRI (color rendering index) LED, CRI≥90, (5000K), simulate natural lighting.

• 2 AAA batteries, easy to power.

• PMMA optical lens, 92% light transmission.

• Professional lens system design, soft even spot without dark area to avoid mistakes in exams.

• Zero blue ray damage (RG0) to the eyes, perfectly suited for pupil examination.

• Streamlined pen design, lightweight, stylish, easy to carry.

• Stainless steel clip on aluminum flashlight tube with excellent grip texture.

• Mode Memery, the last mode will be automatically entered into when turning on after 3 seconds of powering off.

• Reverse polarity protection to prevent circuit damage from reversed  battery insertion.

• Aerospace Aluminum alloy body and Mil-spec hard anodizing(HA III); abrasion resistant, lightweight and robust.

• Stainless steel bezel design protects the lens and reflector system from  drops and impacts.

• Features Nichia 219C LED, 5000K, 50,000 hours lifetime

• 3 light levels

• Batteries: 2 AAA alkaline or NI-MH batteries (can’t use 10440 Li-ionbatteries)

• Size: 133mmLength*14.2mmbezel*12.9mmbody diameter

• Net weight: 26gwithout batteries

• Working voltage: 1.8-3.3V

• Lens: PMMA optical material, with light transmittance up to 92% light transmission

• Color: Black

• Accessories: O ring

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