Winning awards! | The Klarus CL2 camping lantern has been awarded "Best EDC Tech"!
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OUTDOOR 2023 | The Klarus CL2 camping lantern has been awarded "Best EDC Tech"!

    The OUTDOOR RETAILER show in the United States has grown over 30 years to become one of the world's top outdoor gear exhibitions. The show exhibits new fashion-leading products, fresh creative designs, and a variety of experiential activities, attracting outdoor equipment retailers, manufacturers, and industry professionals from around the world to gather and share the latest trends.

     Every year, outdoor gear manufacturers from all over the world participate in the exhibition and achieve good results. This year, Klarus participated in the exhibition with a series of products, including the versatile and long-lasting CL2 camping lantern with soft lighting. It not only attracted users from all over the country but also received recognition from professional media, being named "Best EDC Tool" at OR Summer 2023 by Everyday Carry.

    The recognition from Everyday Carry not only acknowledges the technicality, practicality, and portability of Klarus EDC products but also shows that EDC is becoming a trend of expressing life. It is not just a carried item but also a lifestyle habit, personal hobby, personality release, and self-expression.

    Life never stops, and with CL2 as a new starting point, Klarus is constantly lighting up dreams and challenging limits!